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World Maleic Anhydride Market to Reach 2.0 Million Metric Tons by 2012, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts

The world maleic anhydride market is witnessing a slew of capacity expansions. In Europe, capacity expansions over the last few years have transformed the region's status from being a net importer of maleic anhydride into a net exporter, and have also resulted in supply, demand imbalances and price depressions. The continuous rise in prices of crude oil and raw materials is expected to raise production costs, and consequently bring prices of maleic anhydride under pressure. Continuous research and development efforts are expected to result in expanded market opportunities. Consumption of maleic anhydride in the production of butanediol is expected to gather momentum in the upcoming years, given butanediol's widespread and growing use in the production of thermoplastic polyurethanes, elastic fibers, pharmaceuticals, solvents, plant protection, coatings and electronic chemicals. As stated by the recent report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., Asia-Pacific and Europe dominate the world maleic anhydride market, with a combined share of 51.3% estimated in the year 2008. Emergence of new maleic anhydridebased products, such as Bayer's iminodisuccinate, are additionally expected to help prop up consumption patterns.
Growth is the strongest in the butanediol end-use market, with developing countries setting the pace of growth. In the agricultural chemicals end-use market, growth is modest with the United States expected to consume just 5.1 thousand metric tons of maleic anhydride by the year 2010. In the Middle East, consumption in the Tetrahydrofuran end-use market is projected to reach 5.6 thousand metric tons by the year 2010. Consumption of maleic anhydride in the world Unsaturated Polyester Resins end-use market is expected to reach 1.28 million metric tons by 2015. In Europe, France and Italy, together, collar over 41% of the total maleic anhydride market as estimated in 2008.
Driven by strong growth in Asia-Pacific, particularly China, the world market for maleic anhydride seires products is projected to reach 2.0 million metric tons by the year 2012. With conventional end use markets reaching saturation, new growth opportunities are expected to stem from novel end-use application possibilities. Asia-Pacific represents a lucrative market for capacity expansions, and new plant establishments.