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Information On Fumaric Acid

Fumaric acid(acidulant, antidermatitic, antihepatocarcinogenic, antioxidant, antipsoriac, antitumor) is used as a raw material for pharmaceutics, plasticizers, synthetic resins, and also used as foodstuff additive. Chemically it is an unsaturated dicarbonic acid and is part of the citric acid cycle.

As the citric acid cycle is the center for energy production within the cell, fumaric acid must be present in every cell of the body, being a by-product of the cycle. Fumaric acid is therefore not something that is foreign to the body. A lack of fumaric acid leads to the accumulation of half-products. These products, we believe, are responsible for the skin lesions in patients with Psoriasis. In administering the lacking dimethyl fumarateslowly to the body, the Psoriasis can come to a halt. The administration of the acid should be slow, as it is a metabolically very active substance. However the administration of too little fumaric acid will result in a therapeutic failure, whereas too much can lead to heat waves and a drop in blood sugar. This is a very rare occurrence.

It should be clear from the start that "Fumaric Acid FA " per se, is useless, but that "Fumaric Acid Monoethylester" and "Fumaric Acid di-Methylester" are the proper medicines.

The therapeutic effect and the side effects of fumaric acid derivatives used in treatment of psoriasis vulgaris have been subjects of controversy for more than 30 years.We believe that of fumaric acid derivatives are indicated in cases of severe therapy-resistant psoriasis to and can be used even for long-term application.Fumaric acid ester (FAE) therapy has proved to be safe and effective in patients with severe psoriasis vulgaris. The inhibitory effect of fumaric acid (FA) on hepatocarcinogenesis was examined in mice fed thioacetamide (TAA).