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HPMA Occupied the Water Treatment Market Gradually

Currently, the shortage of fresh water resources has become a worldwide problem, and water pollution exacerbates the problem, solve the problem of water treatment technology is an extremely important and effective means and paid great attention by many countries.
Polymers in water treatment applications in the field earlier is HPMA, which both has lattice distortion and threshold effects, even produce scale, relatively loose, easily be washed away by water. In the water shortage areas, some use treated sewage water as a supplement, which have greatly increased the difficulty of quality control, the application of HPMA solve a huge problem. HPMA scale inhibition performance, high temperature, the pH value is applicable for a wide range, and has broad application prospects. HPMA is a low molecular weight polyelectrolyte, because a lot of the main chain containing carboxylic acid substituents, special structure, excellent performance, is an excellent inhibitor, with dispersed water insoluble inorganic salts, prevent or interference insoluble inorganic salts precipitate on the metal surface, scaling function.
The application of hydrolysis of poly (maleic anhydride makes the modern water treatment technology to be more perfect, alleviate the present situation of water resources shortage, will effectively promote the water treatment engineering.  HPMA is now receiving more attention as water treatment chemicals already occupied the market, in actual use, plays an important role.