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Exploring Rubber Adhesive RA

Rubber Adhesive RA is the improved product of Rubber Adhesive A. The appearance of this product is one kind of white powder and gives off methanal upon heating. It is hypo-methanal donator among double functioning adhesive system for rubber. RA is composed of Hexamethoxymethylmelamine and an inert carrier. In conjunction with methylene receptor, it can effectively promote the adhesion between rubber and steel reinforcing materia
Rubber Adhesive RA is used in binding Rubber with steel wire, Nylon, Rayon, fiberglass, etc. In using this product, simply mix it directly into Rubber, and it can achieve good adhesive effect by vulcanizing. If this product blended with Rubber Adhesive RS, Rh RE, it can bring in better effect. As this product is one kind of white powder, and has good dispersing feature, it is easy to measure and use. RA leads to the adhesion action via reaction with the methylene receptor, such as GLR-18, GLR-19, GLR-20, adhesive RE etc.This reaction will quickly start at the vulcanization temperature. If the reaction occurs before vulcanization, the adhesion action of matching system will significantly decrease, even disappear. General y, rubber filler and methylene receptor are added and mixed at first at a higher temperature, and then adhesive GLR806, sulphur and accelerator are added simultaneously at final mixing stage.
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