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Do you Know Glyoxylic Acid

Glyoxylic Acid is also called Oxalaldehydic Acid or Glyoxylic Acid 50%. Glyoxylic acid is an important intermediate of organic chemical and it can generate dozens of fine chemical products. At present, its production process is mostly in the manufacturing of 30% to 50% solution of glyoxylic acid. Due to the presence of large amounts of water, solution of glyoxylic acid in aqueous solution is difficult to meet the needs of medicine, food and other industries which require high-purity crystal glyoxylic acid products.
Glyoxylic acid can be applied successfully in the agro, pharma and fine chemical industries. Oxalaldehydic Acid can be used as material for methyl vanillin, ethyl vanillin in flavor industry. This product also serves as intermediate for atenolol,D-hydroxybenzeneglycin,broadspectrum,antibiotic,amoxicillin(orallytaken),acetophenone ,amino acid etc. Glyoxylic Acid 50% acts as intermediate of varnish material, dyes, plastic, agrochemical, allantoin and daily-use chemical etc. It is popular in the cosmetic industry,for hair dye;hair care product;skin care product ect. Glyoxylic acid is the material for water purificants,pesticides.It is used as an intermediate of varnish material and dyes.In additoin, Glyoxylic acid also can be used in the preservation of food,as a crosslinking agent of polymerization and as a plating additive.
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