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About the biocide Dimethyl Fumarate DMF

I have been asked recently about the biocide Dimethyl Fumarate DMF.....CAS624-49-7.
On 1May 2009 the European Commission banned products containing DMF from being placed on the market.Any products already on the market had to be either withdrawn or recalled from customers.
A popular use for the substance is controlling mould, mainly in leather products.
Dimethyl Fumarate has been found to be an allergic sensitiser at low concentration and can produce extensive and pronounced eczema that is difficult to treat.Concentrations as low as one part per million may produce allergic reactions.
From 2006 to 2007, an allergic reaction to the substance resulted in sixty users receiving serious rashes. Since then a popular French distribution chain has found footwear sold in its stores to have been contaminated by DMF Dimethyl Fumarate and has received complaints of skin damage.In 2009 alone there has been 46 product recalls for shoes in Spain, France and Germany.
Consumers in other countries such as Poland ,Sweden and the UK exposed to DMF have reported health problems includingskin irritation, burns and, in some cases, acute respiratory difficulties. While Dimethyl Fumarate maybe an effective antifungal agent, it is harmful in contact with the skin and, if in contact with the eyes, could result in serious damage.