China maleic anhydride manufacturers

Maleic Anhydride Uses and Market Data

    Around 50% of world Maleic Anhydride output is used in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins (UPR). Chopped glass fibres are added to UPR to produce fibreglass reinforced plastics which are used in a wide range of applications such as pleasure boats, bathroom fixtures, automobiles, tanks and pipes. However, the UPR market reflects general economic conditions as it is tied to the construction, automobile and marine industries.
    The production of 1,4-butandiol (BDO) is also having an impact on the MA maleic anhydride market. BDO is one of the world’s fastest growing chemicals used in the production of thermoplastic polyurethanes, elastane/Spandex fibres, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resins and many other products. However, BDO is made from a crude MA which is not traded and only used for this application.
    Another market for maleic anhydrideis lubricating oil additives, which are used in gasoline and diesel engine crankcase oils as dispersants and corrosion inhibitors. Changes in lubricant specifications and more efficient engines have had a negative effect on the demand for lubricating oil additives, giving flat growth prospects for maleic anhydride in this application.
    There are a number of smaller applications for maleic anhydride maleic anhydride 99.5% food grade. The food industry uses maleic anhydride food grade in artificial sweeteners and flavour enhancements. Personal care products consuming maleic anhydride include hair sprays, adhesives and floor polishes.maleic anhydride MA is also used in water treatment chemicals, detergents, insecticides and fungicides, pharmaceuticals and copolymers.
    World maleic acid anhydride consumption has grown at around 3%/year over the long term. Growth is slower in western Europe and the US but higher in central and eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia, in particular China.
    Growth in the US had been around 2.5%/year before the market was affected by the economic crisis. The market was further impacted by the start-up of Huntsman’s new 45,000 tonne/year plant at Geismar, Louisiana, in 2009. However, strong exports in 2010 have helped tighten the market considerably. In addition to Canada and Mexico, US producers have been exporting product to Europe.
    In western Europe, the maleic anhydride market is mature with growth predicted around 1.5-2.0%/year, while in central and eastern Europe growth is much stronger.