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Application Prospect of Glyoxylic Acid

Glyoxylic acid, also known as formaldehyde, formic acid, with the double nature of aldehydes and acids, can be reacting with all aldehyde and acid. It is an important organic chemical intermediates. Widely used in spices, pharmaceuticals, paper, paint, leather, pesticides, household chemicals and other fields. Recent years, with the continuous development of its downstream products utilization, domestic market demand increased rapidly, forming a glyoxylic acid development boom. Because many of glyoxalic acid derivative products are the most potential development of fine chemicals, thus glyoxalic acid production has a broad market prospect.

Glyoxalic acid and guaiacol condensation reaction, and then can be obtained vanillin by hydrogenation. Vanillin has unique cream flavor, widely used in food, alcohol, and tobacco and spices industry.
Glyoxalic acid and urea under the condition of acid medium condensation generated allantoin. Allantoin is mainly used in pharmaceutical, light industry, agriculture, daily chemical and other fields. Allantoin can be a good skin wounds healing agent, the upscale cosmetics additive and plant growth regulator. With the domestic mass production of glyoxylic acid, allantoin consumption will increase dramatically.

Application Prospect
World glyoxylic acid production is mainly concentrated in Western Europe. Japan and other places, the industry is usually glyoxylic acid = 20%-50% aqueous solution of glyoxylic acid = 40% in terms of products, the world's annual output of about 37,000 tons glyoxylic acid. Glyoxylic acid production plant of about 20, in 2012 total production capacity of 15,000 tons, the main production plant has Guangshu Chemical Factory Co., Ltd, Xi'an Petrochemical Plant, Henan Xinxiang organic chemical plants, in addition to Beijing Jinyuan East River Chemical Corporation, Japan synthetic chemistry and Japan High Chem. Zhenjiang, Jiangsu joint venture company is 10,000 tons of glyoxylic acid production plant, and has been put into production.
Glyoxylic acid downstream products are mostly tight market and high value-added fine chemical products, has developed rapidly in recent years abroad, While domestic production was only hundreds of tons of glyoxylic acid, and its reasons for the slow development of the market in its downstream products have not kept pace, but their fundamental reason is that the low level of domestic production technology glyoxylic acid, resulting in high prices, poor quality. If downstream the use of glyoxylic acidas raw product line and its downstream product prices less competitive, the advantage is only reflected in the environmental benefits, so many enterprises to adopt glyoxylic acid route enthusiasm is not high. These downstream products are used for daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other fields; they have high quality requirements to glyoxalic acid. Therefore, the domestic producers should choose glyoxylic acid production line according to local conditions, to improve quality, reduce costs and work hard to produce quality products, to meet the demand for downstream products.