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Rubber Adhesive Rs

Name: Rubber Adhesive Rs
Property: The product is a kind of brown flaky solid good acceptor of methanol. It can dissolve in alkaline solution. When it mixs nethanal donator, the resin reaction would happen.
Usage: The product can mix with adhesive A, When it is used. It is applied in natural rubber and artificial, rubber adhering with nylon, steel wire etc. It is not only directly added in rubber but also as soaking liquor.
Quality Standard: Q/320100GH035-2000
Quality Parameter

Borwn flaky solid
Assay of resorcinol
Ash % ≤

Density (20±1°C) g/cm3

Note: The procduct was awarded in 1978 at the first session of National scienetfic conference, and also awarded in 1986 Quality product of Jiangsu province.
Package: Compound kraft paper bag. 20kg per bag.
Storage: Kept in cool and dry place.