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The Glyoxylic Acid Industry Nowadays in China

CCM recently announced the 3rd edition report on Glyoxylic Acid GA- The Glyoxylic Acid 50% Industry Nowadays in China to be released in April 2011. The detailed and in-depth analysis of this industry nowadays in China will be discussed in this report, including current production situation, raw material supply situation, import and export analysis, methodology, downstream application and new projects of glyoxylic acid.

Glyoxalic acid is a kind of basic organic chemical material with wide application. In the field of vanillin, glyoxal can be used for flavoring agent, fixative of cosmetics and essence of daily-use chemicals. In allantoin, glyoxalic acid 40% is used as healer for wound, additive for cosmetics and plant growth regulator. When applied in medicine,Glyoxalic acid 98% can be used to produce lactam series antibiotic such as syncillin and cephalosporin series medical products and Atenolol, a kind of hypertension medicine.Driven by the huge demand from both domestic and overseas downstream products, the recent output of glyoxalic acid in China is increasing with improving quality.

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