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77-2 metal cleaning agent and anti-rust agent


Name:77-2-metal Cleaning Agent and Anti Rust Agent

Product Component:
This product is constituted by anionic and nonionic surface active agents,anti-rust agent and so on.
Product Characteristic:
1.Strong clean ability, safe and can economize on energy and replace the gasoline, diesel oil and coal oil, do not volatilize and noninflammable.
2.Anti-rust property: after cleaning, has short-term anti-rust function, the room antirust period usually is 2 days.
3.The cleaning temperature should be normal temperature, the effect will be better when heats up to 50-60°C; has good fluidity when the temperature is low; has transparent appearance.
This product uses to clean the metal parts( such as the bearing, tool, measuring instrument, cutting tool, gear,etc.) as well as clean the parts of the industrial mining, electrical machinery, engine bed and automobile's when they on maintenance,and also for the short-term anti-rust.
Directions For Use
1.The clean of the lightweight oil stain:concentration:2-3% temperature:50-60°C, can rinse and scrub; if chose spray washing,better to use the 77-5 cleaning agent
2.The clean of the heavy oil stain(such as the automobile and machine tool's maintenance clean)
This kind of oil stain should better use the two-gutters clean or the temperature-heating clean(the latter one is better)
(1)Normal temperature clean: The first gutter:10-15% concentration;The second gutter:2-3% concentration;
(2)Temperature-heating clean: the first gutter:5-10% concentration;the second gutter:2-3% concentration,the temperature is 50-55°C.
(3)When the PH value and the active component reduced, should add the well-prepared solution; when found the solution is serious polluted or whitened, change it promptly and prepare it again.
Quality Standard:   Q/320400 GH 016-2001
Quality Index:



Test Method


brown yellow transparent liquid

test by eyes



pH test paper

Antirust property (35±2°C):

cast iron monolithic:24h



lamination: 6h


impregnating corrosion

cast iron piece:24h



10# sheet steel: 72h



-30-±0.5°C/4h to room temperature

non-phase separation


55°C/4h to room temperature

clean rate( 60±2°C )≥



Surface tension( mN/m) ≤


B1HR180boundary tension meter

Packing and Storage:
200kg iron drum/ 25kg plastic drum;Please store in room above the temperature of 0 °C.