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CS-303 methyl ether melamine formaldehyde resin

Properties:This product is colorless transparent slimy liquid, it can dissolve in many kinds of organic solvents and aromatic solvents, but slightly dissolve in water. It is one kind of good formaldehyde donor, can store in the low temperature for long-term period. It is non-toxic, low pungency to mucous membrane (like the eyes). Not suitably to use at the same time with the catalyst which contains chloride ion.
Usage: This product can produce the cross linking reaction with many kinds of water-solubility and organic solvent high-molecular compound hands, is suitable for those coating resins which have the hydroxyl, carboxyl group or amino, such as the epoxy resin, alkyd resin, polyester resin and so on. It can enhance the coating solidified film's shock resistance,glossiness, degree of hardness, saltfog resistant, acid and alkali resistant. Its main functions are including the following aspects:
can be used together with the alkyd resin, also could be used in paper
can be used for the colored steel, colored aluminium plate coating with the polyester resin.
can be used together with the acrylic resin in order to improve the film's degree of hardness, glossiness and the index of refraction
can be used together with the cellulose acetate in order to improve the smoothness and degree of hardness; used together with the cellulose nitrate in order to improve the water-resisting property.
can be used together with the polyvinyl ether/vinegar may increase its resistance to solvent and good representation and can prevent the light thermal decomposition as well.
blend with the water-soluble alkyd resin, polyester, epoxy resin, cellulose and its derivative in order to obtain good saltfog resistant and anti- moist performances
This resin also can be applied in the acrylic acid - ethylene and its copolymer emulsion in order to enhance the used emulsion film's resistance to solvent and water-resistant performances and strengthen its adhesive property in the different materials, increase the film intensity, and can reduce the growth of the micelle and enhance the emulsion's stability.
Quality Index:

Item Index


colorless transparent,slimy liquid

Non volatile matter % ≥





1.20 ± 0.01

Free formaldehyde% ≤


Flash point°C ≥


Packing:25kg/50kg drum