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Chlorocholine chloride

Name:Chlorocholine Chloride

Chemical Name :2-thloroethylthrimethyl ammonium chloride

Molecular Weight: 158.07

Molecular Formula: C5H13Cl2N

Chlorocholine chloride is also called CCC, with fishy odor and strong hygroscopicity, easily soluble in water, stable in neutral and slightly acid solution. Chlorocholine chloride powder is a kind of quaternary salt regulator.




Chlorocholine chloride

chlorocholine chloride 96% powder


chlorocholine chloride 80% powder


chlorocholine chloride 50% powder


Chlorocholine Chloride Uses:

Chlorocholine Chloride is a kind of plant growth regulator with wide range of application. Currently hlorocholine hloride is mainly used in cotton, wheat, corn, rice, tobacco, tomato,etc. Chlormequat chloride is a low poisonous plant growth regulator(PGR), plant growth retardant.Chlorocholine chloride powder can be absorbed through leaves, branches, buds, the root system and seeds, control the plant excessive growth and cut down the knot of plant to be short, strong, coarse, root system to prosper and resist lodging. Leaves will be greener and thicker. The content of chlorophyll will increase and the photosynthesis will reinforce, which can improve the ratio of set fruit with better quality and higher yield. Chlorocholine chloride can also improve the plant ability to the environment-adjustment, such as drought-resistance, frigidity-resistance, disease and pests-resistance and salinization-resistance . It can be used as the additives in fertilizers such as water flush fertilizer, folia fertilizer, root fertilizer and so on, to raise the absorption to the nutrition and the plant growth.