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Fumaric Acid CWS

Fumaric Acid CWS

Fumaric Acid CWS Information:
Name of the Commodity: Cold water soluble Fumaric Acid
Appearance: white powder
CAS NO.: 110-17-8
HS Code: 2917190090
Molecular Weight: 116.07
Standard: FCCIV

Physical Properties:
Relative Density: 1.625
Melting point: 295-300℃
Flash point: 230℃


Fumaric acid cws 99%



Heavy Metals(as Pb) 

10ppm Max


0.3% Max


0.3% Max 

Chroma(5% ethanol)

15# Max

Ash content

0.03% Max 


3ppm Max

Solubility (25℃)

1.0 min (1.0g/100g )

Application of Fumaric Acid CWS:
The solubility of CWS fumaric acid is 65% higher than normal fumaric acid. It's a better acidulant. Its acidity is 2.5 times better than citric acid, with better emulsibility and stability. fumaric acid can replace malic acid, citric acid and benzoic acid and be widely used in drinks, beverages, liquors, cookies, pickles, noodles, bread and so on. CWS fumaric acid can be used as food antiseptic and antioxidant.
Packing: in 25kg bags, 18MT/FCL with pallets, 20MT/FCL without pallets.
Storage: stored in cool and dry place.