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Magnesium nitrate

Name:Magnesium Nitrate
Synonyms:Magnesium Nitrate Hexahydrate
Molecular Formula : Mg(NO3)2ยท6H2O
Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate is colorless crystal of monoclinic system, which is the most stable nitrate hydrates at room temperature. Specific Density: 1.461 Melting Point: 95decomposition. When heated above 400, Magnesium nitrate will thoroughly turn into magnesium oxide. Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate is soluble in water easily, and is able to dissolve in methanol and alcohol. Magnesium nitrate is likely to spontaneously combust if mixed with organic chemicals.
Specification :

Item Magnesium nitrate industrial grade Magnesium nitrate
Purity (%) Min 98.0 98.0
Insoluble matter in water (%) 0.05 0.1
Fe (%) Max 0.001 ------
Pb (%) Max 0.002 ------
MgO (%) Min ------ 15.0
N (%) Min ------ 10.7
PH value 4.0-7.0 ------

Application :
Magnesium nitrate 98% can be applied directly to the leaves (foliar feeding), to the soil or in drip irrigation methods. Through the leaves: The fertilizer should be applied through the leaves (foliar feeding) to achieve quick and effective results in providing magnesium.
Packing:25kg inner liner plastic weaving bag.