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Rubber Adhesive A

Name: Rubber Adhesive A

Chemical Name: Hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin.
Property: The propuct is a kind of transparent visious fliud or white wax solid. It can dissolve in water, alcohol etc organic reagent. It gives off methanal upon heating, so it is a good nethanal donator.
Usage: It can be used mixing with adhesive RS , silica aerogel. It is applied in natural rubber and artificial rubber adhering with nyloy, steel wine, polyester, cotton, glass, fiber etc. It is not only directly added in rubber but also as soakingliquor.

Quality Standard: Q/320400GH034-2000
Quality Parameter:

Colorless liquid to white solid
Free methanal assay %≤
Combined methanal assay % ≥
Density (20±1°C) g/cm3
Note: The product was awarded in 1978 at the first Session of Natioal Scientific Conference
and also awarede in 1986 Quality Product of jiangsu province.
Package: With tinplate bucket; 20kg per bucket.