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Rubber Adhesive CS-964

Name:Rubber Adhesive Cs-964

Property: It is white fluidity, has moisture absorption. No fly upwards, easy to disperse, No form piece. It may steady for storage Compare RA, it has more flowty?lower free methane, more high active, like to Cyter 964.
Usage:The product is adhesive of CS-963 resin adhere to Carrier, is a good methanal donator, It often applies with methanal acceptor (ex: RS RE). And applied in rubber adhering with nylon, steel wine, polyester, cotton glass fiber etc. It suitable for tie, conveyer belt etc. Compar cs: 963 more disperse; compare RA-65, more adhisivety. It can improve spurt frost when rubber vulcanizate It has more protect environment. It may be often add in mixing mill with sulfur together, and is used 3-5 parts per 100pars rubber.
Quality Parameter:

White flouity powder
Ash (850°C±25) %
Moisture % ≤
Fineness, through 325 mesh Screen lwet nethod % ≤
Free formaldehyde assay %≤
Storage: Kept in cool and dry place
Package: Compound kraft paper, 25kg per pag.