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Succinic anhydride

Succinic anhydride Name:Succinic Anhydride
CAS No.: 108-30-5
Molecular Formula: C4H4O3
Molecular Weight: 100.07
Succinic Anhydride Properties:

Succinic anhydride, also called dihydro-2,5-furandione, is an organic compound with the molecular formula C4H4O3. Succinic anhydride is the acid anhydride of succinic acid. White conical crystal.
Succinic Acid Anhydride Quality Index


Succinic anhydride


White flake



Melting point°C






Heavy metal=ppm


Residue on ignition=%



Succinic anhydride 99% flake used in the manufacture of polymeric materials (alkyd and other special resins). Succinic anhydride is used in the manufacture of agrochemicals, dyes, photographic chemicals, surface active agents, lubricant additives, organic flame retardant materials, esters, flavours and fragrances. Its application include as a cross-linking agent in ion-exchange membranes, curing agent for epoxy resins and starch modifier in foods and feeds;Succinic anhydride used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical industry analgesic agents, diuretics, painkillers, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs, contraception, anti-cancer drugs; Succinic anhydride used in the manufacture of industrial alkyd resins and ion exchange resins and in industry for the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastics; pesticide used to create industrial plant growth regulator agents;Succinic anhydride used in organic industry for the synthesis of organic compounds in the intermediates;Succinic anhydride used in analytical chemistry for the base titration method standards.
Packing:25kg inner liner plastic weaving bag

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