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W1 - 1 water-solubility cutting fluid

Name:W1 - 1 Water-solubility Cutting Fluid

Brief Introduction for the Product:
This product is yellow brown transparent liquid; it is a antibacterial type emulsified cutting fluid which is produced by compounding many kinds of chemical additives, such as the refined mineral oil,antirust agent, oiliness agent, surface active agent, stabilizer and the disinfectant and so on. Its dilute solution is white milkiness in appearance, nontoxic, no corrosivity; Has fine lubrication, antirust, cooling and clean performances and anti-corrupt ability, and also has noticeable effect on increasing the machined surface precision and reducing the environmental pollution.This cutting fluid is suitable for many kinds of metals' majority machining operation ways, such as the steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy and so on, including the cutting, grinding, drilling, reaming and so on. Widely applies in the automobile, motorcycle spare part processing and other mechanical professions. Is suitable specially for the import numerically controlled machine tool, the processing center and so on.
Product Characteristic:
•  Fine antirust property, can guarantee the work piece's antirust during the the working procedure;
•  Good lubricating ability, can guarantee the machined surface's precision and the surface smoothness;
•  No smelly odors, easily accepted by the operator;
•  Strong anticorrosive performance, the use cycle is long, can successively use for 6 - 12 months, reduce the use cost.
Quality Index:


Quality Index

Test Method

Raw liquor


Yellow brown transparent liquid

Test by eyes

Dilute solution appearance

White milkiness

Test by eyes

3% solution pH value



3% solution Surface tension 25 °C ≤ mN/m


Surface tension meter

Use and the Directions for Use:
This product is suitable for many kinds of metals's machining operation craft; when use, uses the industrial running water to prepare into 3-5% dilute solution, use it circularly and add regularly.
Packing and Storage
25L/200L iron drum, 20kg/170kg net weight. Store in room under the temperature of 0 -40 °C;avoid blending with water and other rabbish. 
Better use 50 - 150ppm dilute water hardness;
When dilute, should pour into slowly the raw liquor in the water,and stirs unceasingly, prevents the gelatination.