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Fumaric Acid CWS



AppearanceSuper fine white powder
Assay (on dry basis) %≥99
Water %≤0.3
Melting point ℃286-289
Ignition %≤0.03
Color(5%ethanol) Hazen≤15
Pb ppm≤10
As ppm≤≤3
Solubility (25℃) g/100g water≥≤≤1

Packing & Storage

PackingIn 25kg bag
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Properties of fumaric acid
Burning fumaric acid releases a pungent smoke of maleic anhydride, which tastes like fruit and is found in fumarus, boletus, lichens, and Icelandic seaweed. Human skin also naturally produces fumaric acid when exposed to sunlight.

The main use of fumaric acid
1)Fumaric acid is used to produce unsaturated polyester resins, which are characterized by good chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The copolymer of fumaric acid and vinyl acetate is a good adhesive; the copolymer with styrene is the raw material for making FRP. The plasticizer made from fumaric acid is non-toxic and can be used for vinyl acetate latex in contact with food.
2)Fumaric acid is an intermediate of fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals and optical bleaching agents, and is used in the production of antidote dimercaptosuccinic acid in the pharmaceutical industry. Neutralize fumaric acid with sodium carbonate to obtain sodium fumarate, and then replace it with ferrous sulfate to obtain ferric fumarate, which is an iron-enriched drug used to treat small red blood cell anemia. Fumarates have long been used to treat severe psoriasis, and the drug may also help prevent multiple sclerosis.
3)Fumaric acid is a food additive, used as a sour agent in soft drinks, fruit candy, jelly, ice cream, etc. Most of the time this product is used together with citric acid, and the monosodium salt produced by the reaction of fumaric acid and sodium hydroxide is also used as a sour condiment and as an intermediate for synthetic resins and mordants.

Cold water soluble fumaric acid
Compared with the solubility of original fumaric acid in cold water, the solubility of cold water-soluble fumaric acid (fumaric acid CWS) is increased by more than 65%. It is a sour agent with a purer taste. Its acidity is 2.5 times that of citric acid, and its emulsification and stability are better. It can replace malic acid, citric acid, and benzoic acid and is widely used in refreshing drinks, beverages, wine, jam, cakes, pickles, noodles, bread, steamed buns, cold dishes, etc.; and it also acts as a food anti-mold agent.

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