Introducing Maleic Anhydride Suppliers

Maleic Anhydride is a highly versatile intermediate that makes dissimilar chemistries compatible and improves the durability and value of end products.Maleic Anhydride is an organic, white crystalline solid with an

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Discussing Maleic Anhydride

Maleic Anhydride is a kind of highly reactive chemical intermediate.Maleic Anhydride is a vital component of gelling agents, flavor enhancers and food preservatives.The major end-users of maleic anhydride include the

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Working With Dimethyl Succinate

Dimethyl Succinate is colorless but pleasant liquid with melting point 18℃.Moreover ,its boiling point is 200℃. This product offers a unique combination of high solvency power, low volatility, low cost

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