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Succinic Anhydride



AppearanceWhite crystals
Melting Point℃118-121℃
Residue on ignition≤%≤0.1
Heavy Metals(Pb)≤%0.0005
KMnO4(0.1N ml/g)0.5

Packing & Storage

PackingIn 25kg bag
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

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Uses of Succinic Anhydride
Organic industry: used as an intermediate for the synthesis of organic compounds;
Analytical chemistry: used as a standard for alkaline titration.
Pharmaceutical industry: used in the manufacture of analgesics, diuretics, painkillers, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory, contraceptive, anticancer and other drugs.
Dye industry: It can be used as a raw material for synthetic dyes after hydrolysis.
Synthetic resin industry: used in the manufacture of alkyd resins and ion exchange resins.
Plastic industry: used in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastics.
Pesticide industry: used to create plant growth regulators, etc.

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