The “Amazon” of The Fine Chemical Industry

Behind the extremely low transaction efficiency of the traditional distribution model are the complicated product categories and extremely scattered industrial layout. ECHEMI provides full-link professional services for global industrial customers by building four digital centers of information, transaction, data and ecology, and helps China’s high-quality fine chemical products go global. It is likened to the “Amazon” of the fine chemical industry.

Different from traditional information platforms, ECHEMI builds a transaction-oriented information service system to provide customers with multi-dimensional data such as product encyclopedias, industry real-time news, price trends, transaction prices, and supply and demand information. At present, ECHEMI has more than 300,000 SKU and 100,000 users from more than 100 countries and regions, and is increasing at a rate of 20,000 SKU per month. It has developed into a global information center in the field of fine chemicals.

Due to the long cross-border transaction process, many parties involved in the transaction, and the complicated nodes involved, the fine chemical industry policies of various countries are also quite different. In view of the above characteristics, ECHEMI has built its own transaction service system, and built CRM, ERP, DSS and other systems applicable to the industry. Through data connection with partners, it breaks the information islands, smooths the transaction process, and improves transaction efficiency. At the same time, ECHEMI has formed an international team, set up subsidiaries and offices in nearly 20 countries, built a localized warehouse distribution system around the world, and served customers more locally.