Working With Dimethyl Succinate

Dimethyl Succinate is colorless but pleasant liquid with melting point 18℃.Moreover ,its boiling point is 200℃. This product offers a unique combination of high solvency power, low volatility, low cost and high flash point.Dimethyl Succinate consisting of both purified and mixed grades of adipic, glutaric and succinic dimethyl esters, dimethyl and dibasic.
Dimethyl Succinate can be used alone or in customized ester and co-solvent blends to replace more conventional and increasingly regulated materials and industrial solvents.Depending on the application, the combination of dimethyl glutarate, dimethyl adipate and dimethyl succinate can be custom tailored as a slowly evaporating cleaning and stripping solvent.Because of their low vapor pressure, dibasic esters will evaporate very slowly and can be recycled for repeated application.The low vapor pressure also allows formulators and end-users to remain compliant with applicable VOC regulations.
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