Use of Succinic Acid

Succinic acid naturally exists in the resin, which has been buried underground for a long time. In addition, it also exists in the tissue of a variety of plants and animals. The refined succinic acid ingredients are widely used in multiple fields.

Succinic acid agricultural use

Irrigation of crops with a small amount of succinic acid can significantly increase the production of plants. Succinic acid can be absorbed by plant roots, stems, and leaves to accelerate the metabolism in plants, which can accelerate crop growth and shorten the growth cycle. Succinic acid is more effective for applying multiple times or mixing with other leaf fertilizers.

Succinic acid food use

Succinic acid can produce sour and flavored, and can be used for bean sauce, soy sauce, seasonings, etc. In the food industry, succinic acid is used for seasoning agents, acid -flavors, buffers, and used for ham, sausage, aquatic products, seasonings, etc.

Succinic acid medicine use

In the pharmaceutical industry, sulfuric acid, vitamin A, vitamin B and other anti -spasm, pine phlegm, diuretic and hemostatic drugs can be used to produce sulfa drugs, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

In addition to the above -mentioned use, succinic acid is also a good surface active agent. It is a component of stuffing agent, soap and emulsion.